Why us:

We believe in building brands and driving loyalty.

How we do it:

We allow businesses to develop custom banking solutions that follow their industry-specific consumer trends.

What we provide:

A flexible and complete payment system and debit card account banking structure.

Agilivant, LLC fits into OrangeHook's key area of focus: SECURE PAYMENT AUTHENTICATION.

The company's unique payment and settling banking solution helps with client expansion, retention and loyalty by providing an easy to use platform (both mobile and online) to move money real-time.

How the solution works:

Agilivant's single platform provides banking services for all by acting as a merchant and proxy bank for debit and credit transactions, and supports a variety of functionality for unique customization and front end API flexibility. Our comprehensive solution offering is hosted through a secured cloud facility that allows for customizable rules everyone needs for a seamless retention-focused, consumer-facing business solution.

Industry Background

The payments landscape is constantly evolving due to up-and-coming technologies and consumerist trends. Banking has been on the tail end of this market shift by constantly reevaluating infrastructure and customer engagement strategies that will impact a variety of consumer types all while complying with regulatory requirements. Today, appealing to the future of consumerism is an ever moving target due to disruptive technology.

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