A mutual authenticated converged credential microprocessor
This foundational technology enables end-to-end control of the following requirements for a digital identity ecosystem:

1. Proof of who you are through digital authentication
2. Privacy of data through encryption
3. Enablement of systems through software Authorization
4. Guarantee of transaction integrity through electronic signatures
IMPORTANT: iChip is not a "card", it is software that can be placed on many form factors. Contactless labels, Inlays, SD cards, SIM cards, USB devices are some of the many examples.

iChip is a foundational technology that enables organization to consumer control of all primary requirements needed for a superior digital identity system. The iChip architecture has state-of-the-art security and is designed for conversed credentialing markets, such as healthcare, banking and government eID systems. Built on EAL5+ certified silicon, iChip products are available in an assortment of packaging options from CR80 sized smart cards to NFC labels.

Designed For

Tomorrow's challenges and adheres to today's requirements.

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