LifeNexus fits into OrangeHook's key area of focus: Personal Health Storage

LifeNexus’s cloud-based application changes what and how health information is shared amongst your plan, its members, and providers.

Why us:

We believe health information is more than just paperwork, it’s our life story.

How we do it:

We improve the quality of care by through improved member experience and interaction.

What we provide:

A consumer-controlled health assistant app that connects members with you when they need it the most.

How the solution works:

With LifeNexus, health plans effectively open the communication channels between their plan, their members, and their doctors. Wherever the conversation takes place, our cloud-based technology provides members with access from any device to an automatically-updated, pre-populated portal with meaningful, actionable, member-specific information. This record contains the health plan information and analytics, and self-reported data that both members and their doctors can use to improve the healthcare experience.

This information, effortlessly delivered by the member, creates a new and highly-impactful opportunity for better member engagement and a more productive dialogue between members and their doctors.

About LifeNexus

  • Company built by a team of senior healthcare and technology executives, each with 20+ years of experience across payer, provider and consumer segments.
  • LifeNexus uses widely-adopted consumer technology to put personalized health information and analytics in the hands of consumers and their caregivers wherever and whenever they need it to improve the consumer’s healthcare experience, improve the caregiver’s ability to diagnose and treat, and foster engagement.
  • Platform built end-to-end on HIPPA secure, cloud-based technology that leverages proprietary encryption techniques, leading-edge mobile capabilities such as geolocation-enabled rapid patient check-in.
  • The LifeNexus solution leverages consumer-centric design founded on principles of accepted behavioral science to foster optimal patient engagement (specifically the motivations for participation, management, sustainment, self-efficacy, and well-being), while also addressing the emotional needs of patients.
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Mission Statement

To ensure that every individual has their healthcare information available when and where they need it On the platform consumers want; used by providers in the way they want.

Vision Statement

To create the trusted platform consumers use to take control of and enrich their health care experience.

Key Components

  • Identify verification
  • Security management
  • Data query and aggregation
  • Information access management and controls
  • Configuration options
  • On-demand, dynamic PHR with Connections
  • Provider access options
  • Consumer platform options
  • High value consumer features and functionality e.g. savings & discounts, rewards, payments, app gallery and eligibility

Industry Background

Traditional channels aren’t effective to foster engagement. Healthcare is missing a primary opportunity to engage their consumers when it matters most - when they are thinking about their health. Despite all the data, all the registries, all the EHRs and practice management systems, physicians still don’t have the information they need at the time of care nor are patients engaged. Oftentimes, consumers are not involved nor are health solutions designed for them.

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