OrangeHook’s identity solution for educators, provided by Salamander Technologies, focuses on keeping students and faculty safe while being interoperable with local first responders. If a situation should arise, accountability information collected by schools can be shared with first responders to enable them to swiftly take action.

Salamander’s solution is more than just a tool to use for emergencies. We focus on keeping students and faculty accounted for each day. We understand that it’s important to know who is in the building at all times. Salamander provides the status of students / faculty when they enter the school allowing you to deny or grant them access to the building, track daily attendance for students and faculty, and create TAGS for visitors. The solution can be used off-site during events and when students are entering / exiting the bus.


  • Access information anywhere on a PC, iOS, and Android device
  • Store student information in the encrypted TAG
  • Access and manage faculty qualifications and certifications, including uploading copies of the documents
  • Create temporary badges for guests or visitors
  • TAG assets for issuance and know who was issued assets
  • During a crisis, staff and emergency responders TRACK students and faculty in real-time
  • TRACK daily school activities such as emergency drills, field trips, extracurricular activities, dances, and bus attendance
  • Access to a variety of reports to improve communication, decision making, and visibility to daily activities
  • Use on-premise or off-premise for school activities such as field trips, athletic events, school dances
  • Works in a comms-in and comms-out environment
  • Instantly pull reports

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