The OrangeHook Airport Staff Identity Suite is designed to improve security, reduce risk, and improve emergency response. This technology is based on international (ICAO) and federal (NIST & PIV) standards but is designed to have backward compatibility with many of the existing physical access systems installed today. Using a biometric enrollment system built on interoperable standards the OrangeHook Identity Suite can communicate with all background services (e.g. Interpol). The suite uses sophisticated smart cards built on the iChip® microprocessor that exceeds all FIPS standards for authentication and electronic signatures. The System integrates with printers from Zebra and Matica.


• Removes badge sharing behaviors
• Badges can be instantly read on mobile devices without internet connectivity
• Meets all requirements for biometrics while still maintaining privacy rights for the staff
• The badge holds training, certifications and other related data for instant verification
• By migrating to the OrangeHook ICAO credential types airports can now institute global interoperability
• Integrates an vital EMS solution as part your airport security system and plan
• Supports 7 types of biometric modalities
• Integrates with PACS, time and attendance, HR and single sign-on solutions
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